5 Things To Do on Rainy Days

When Mr. Sun is nowhere to be found and the rain never stops, home is where we usually ends up.  Here are some suggestions on how to spend your days within the confines of your own place when stuck at home due to bad weather,

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  1. Go binge watch your favourite movies and tv series. On line streaming sites like Netflix, Iflix and HOOQ have all the latest and classic shows worth spending those indoor days.

2.   Unleash the artist within you. Take this time to unfold your creative juices and start developing    those hidden artistic skills. From calligraphy to painting or even writing, this gloomy weather have some beauty in it.

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3.  Read.  Brush off the dust from your pile of books and start catching up with your reading. Have a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate, sit back and read a good book

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4.  Clear your closet. Busy days always get most of our time that we never get time to tidy up our wardrobe collection. It’s the best time to dig in and have some mix and match for new do’s.

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5.  Reflect and Meditate. The fast pace world sometimes make us missed some important “me” time. Take this time off and re-evaluate your life choices and see if you’re still on the right track. There’s no harm in having a quick evaluation of one’s lifelong plans.

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