The Artist Behind Starbucks’ Dreamcatcher Red Cup

Photos courtesy of Anz Soza


From the big screen of Times Square, to the pages of New York Times and Toronto Times, Anz Soza’s Starbucks Red Cup design is making everyone’s coffee experience a very special one. Filipinos across the globe are showing their love as they proudly post in various social media their pictures with Anz’ red cup design.

Get up close and personal with Anz as she answers some candid questions about her personal life and her works.

Photo courtesy of Anz Soza
Photo courtesy of Anz Soza

Outrigger: So, who is Anne Michelle Sosa Peñaflorida?

Anz: “It’s Anz Soza for short. I love playing Sudoku, traveling, cooking, visiting new restaurants & museums…also writing poems (pero once in a blue moon lang siya since kailangan talaga ng extreme emotions ko dito bago ako makagawa). Most of the time I want to be alone.”


Outrigger: When and how did you start doing artwork? Is it just a hobby or you do it for a living?

Anz: “I started showing interest in drawings when I was in Grade 1. I used to draw my own paper dolls with its clothes & house since my family can’t afford to buy one for me. When I was in Grade 4, I learned to draw Disney princesses & Sailormoon characters. It was all pure hobby but then if someone request for something, there’s a professional fee depending on what type of artwork.”


Outrigger: What are the artworks have you worked on? Which one is your favorite and why?

Anz: “I have tried almost everything but my favorite is drawing on my cups & vector art. The Starbucks cups with my drawings on it are my collection. While Vector art is interesting, turning an actual photo into comic style or cartoon.”

Artwork by Anz


Outrigger: Where do you get your inspiration when doing your art work?

Anz: “Mostly based on my mood and situations.”

Artwork By Anz
Artwork By Anz


Outrigger: Which other artists’ works have inspired you and why?

Anz: “Da Vinci. His artworks are enigmatic.”


Outrigger: We’ve noticed in your Instagram posts that you’ve been using cups as your canvass. Why cups? What makes it special?

Anz: “Well, if you do something, it has to be unique. Papers & canvasses are too mainstream. I chose cups because it is something most people use everyday. Every time I draw on my cups, I always imagine myself as another person using the cup I designed. It’s like talking to them through my drawings. I want the other person to feel that whatever situation he/she is in right now, everything’s gonna be okay.”


Outrigger: What has been your most touching or amazing moment you’ve experienced as an artist?

Anz: “Starbucks Holiday Redcups! I’ve been reading a lot of posts in Instagram and Facebook. It made me genuinely happy knowing I’ve cheered someone up through my designs which is my main purpose.”

Photo courtesy of Anz


Outrigger: Briefly, how do you want to be remembered or known for?

Anz: “I can work on any medium, usually artists are known for their style but for me I want to be remembered as someone who inspired people through my drawings.”

Artwork by Anz


Outrigger: Anything that you want to share with us? Future plans, things to be checked off from your bucket list?

Anz: “My ultimate dream is to have an exhibit all over the world. I’ll make my way on that. 😅

Bucket list, I have tons but number one is to save a life.”


Outrigger: What can you say to those who share the same passion that you have with art?

Anz: “It’s okay to change and explore what you really want in life because along the way, you will find out yourself. Once you did, stick to it and try to innovate from there. Never get tired in doing what you love, have faith in it and believe in yourself. You can check other artists’ masterpiece and use that as an inspiration but never ever compare yourself and your artworks to others.”

And lastly…

“Choose a job that you love so you don’t have to work a day in your life.”

There you go.  To see more of Anz amazing works, you may follow her Instagram Account: ArtobsessionbyAnz




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