The Reality of Climate Change

photo credits: national geographic

Before the Flood is a powerful documentary about climate change directed by Fisher Stevens and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio who is the appointed UN Messenger of Peace with special focus on Climate Change.  The actor has been a strong advocate of environment protection and established The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998 with the mission to protect the Earth’s last wild encouraging harmonious relationship between humanity and natural world.

Watch DiCaprio’s three year journey as he travels the globe speaking to scientists, world leaders and other environmentalists about the effects of climate change.

This documentary is what each and everyone of us need.  The information and data may seem overwhelming, scary but all true.  Climate change is here, we are all feeling it.  We have reached a little victory with the Paris Agreement, but drastic actions are needed now.

This is how our future will look like.  Hope is still there.  The decision is ours to make.

Learn more and take action. BeforeTheFlood

The full documentary is made available for free in various platforms.

video credits: National Geographic

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